Thursday, June 28, 2012

Soulfire: Despair #1 First Look from Aspen Comics

Aspen¹s first ever Soulfire summer event, Search for the Light reaches its next exciting chapter, SOULFIRE: DESPAIR!

The Search for the Light continues as Faye, the Queen of Anantia and the magical realm of the Everlands, attempts to forge a new legacy for the absent crown left by the slain King Arlin. Staging a fierce competition between the kingdom¹s greatest warriors, she is reluctantly obliged to allow the contest¹s winner to take up the mantle of the lost King. But the choice between warriors, including Sarlin, the estranged and self-righteous son of Arlin, as well as a significant, mysterious person from her past, will force the kingdom¹s future into a fate they may never be able to escape!

Preview Pages in Soulfire: Despair #1

Don¹t miss out on the thrilling Search for the Light crossover event that will change the face of the SOULFIRE Universe forever!

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Cover

David Schwartz ­ Story / Jonathan Marks ­ pencils / Siya Oum - colors

  In stores July 5th, 2012!

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