Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Aspen Comics Idolized #0 Review

What can happen in a world filled with superheroes with extraordinary powers? We live in a world today that “idolizes” pop music superstars and people with unique “talents”. Some actually are idolized everyday and many people have to watch those who “I like to get drunk and party and follow me around everywhere on camera, so I can embarrass myself in front of millions of people”. Aspen Comics and David Schwartz have just created a new and for the first time Superhero series, Idolized. Idolized takes those contests that millions of people vote for each week on their favorite broadcast channel to a new level. An elimination contest and vote for the “Superhero Idol”! 

In a world filled with thousands of Superheroes, there may be many times where those individuals must get tired of those powers and want an everyday normal life. There are also times, where those individuals want to strive to be the greatest. In Idolized, we will see thousands of superheroes to compete to show their strengths, courage, and their “Heart”. The contest will ultimately lead up to the top ten to compete in New York, the capital of  the world for Superheroes. Of course, there can only be one winner, who will be crowned and that winner will be guaranteed to become a member of the “Greatest Super-Group in World History”, The Powered Protectors.
Idolized is a series where we will learn of one individual who will make her dream come true of becoming that “Superhero Idol”, Leslie aka Joule. She will strive to be the best and to join The Powered Protectors, but did she do it for all the wrong reasons? Is seeking revenge the way we need to go to become the best?

In this first issue of Idolized #0, we learn the beginning of Joule and what pushed her to want to become Idolized. I loved the first issue! David Schwartz has created something that will get readers to want more. I am ready to learn more about who Leslie aka Joule is and why she is seeking her revenge, but has she paid the price in making a huge mistake?

Terrific start in a new series from Aspen Comics and it is hard to believe this is their first Superhero series. The art is by Micah Gunnell and the colors are by David Curiel. With a terrific story and amazing art, Idolized equals a hit series!

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Aspen Comics, Idolized #0 will be in stores tomorrow, Wednesday, June 27th.

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