Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Star Wars Mythos from Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles is introducing a new line in the Star Wars universe, Star Wars Mythos

 “The Star Wars Universe is limitless with possibilities, its mythology ever-expanding. Our art team wanted to contribute to that expansion by telling new stories about some of the most compelling Star Wars characters. With the encouragement of Lucasfilm, we created the Mythos line of statues.
This line of collectibles will be populated by characters from new and existing story lines. We will bring history, unique details and personal choices to each in order to elaborate on who they are. Through the design and sculpt process our goal is to delve deeper into these established characters and offer our own interpretations of what they have done outside of the Star Wars canon. 

Our art team is taking the themes and core concepts common to the Star Wars mythology, such as love, honor, hope, despair and adventure, and accentuating those themes to achieve a collection of figures unlike any we’ve previously offered. Our vision is to portray moments in the imagined lifetimes of these characters and reveal them in a new way, in a new light. We hope to capture the imagination of Star Wars fans all over the world, and share with them our own adventures in that galaxy far, far away.”

Star Wars fans have a new line of statues from Sideshow Collectibles that will be sure to be an instant classic! The first to be introduced in the Star Wars Mythos collection will be Darth Maul, the Dark Disciple.

Here is the back story on Darth Maul from Sideshow Collectibles:
The winds throw a stinging sand across his bare skin, while his black robe snaps around the metallic hilt of the saberstaff hanging dormant at his waist. Maul is coiled, lethal, the force of his will pent-up with the violent need for his muscles to spring. Closing his eyes, he finds and grasps an agonizing memory.
Torture. His memories are of pain, of electric fire arcing from the contorted fingers of his master, coursing through his synapses as he cried out for relief. There would be no relief, though, short of marshaling his hate. He knows that hate unlocks the Dark Side. Only once consumed with hate would a master end the agony.
Anger builds around him now in waves. He allows it to increase, fed by those memories of pain, and of his master’s mocking laughter. A terrible rage grows, swelling within him, and a roaring fills his ears. His eyes snap open, glowing in horrible hues of red, orange, and yellow.
His anger is pure hatred. And that hatred explodes.

The next in line will be Ben Kenobi, the Desert Nomad.

Here is the back story to Ben Kenobi:
The boy is safe. Lars cannot hide his distaste for me, given my connection to the child’s father. Beru, however, is clearly smitten with the infant. But my presence is not welcome in their house. That is fine. I’ll watch over the child from a distance.
But first, I must ready myself. I will build a shelter across the Dune Sea from the Lars homestead. Close enough for me to sense any danger to the boy. Far enough away that the Empire may not discover him if they find me.
Master Yoda’s training was well-advised. I have already established a link with the spirit of my Master, Qui-Gon. His teachings endure from beyond the netherworld of the Force. There is a measure of comfort to be found there. And, someday, when my task is accomplished, I might be able to join him in that place.
But for now, I feel old. Old beyond my years. Desert life ages flesh and spirit, so I can only expect this to worsen the longer I remain on this world. The Tatooine storms will whip me with sands like a scourge. Each night I will hear in the winds the howls of my murdered Jedi kindred.
The Jedi are all but extinct. The few who survived Order 66 are continuously being hunted. Across the galaxy I am certain more will die. When I feel their deaths, I’ll dare not reach out to learn who it was, or to assist in any way. If I am discovered, then the boy may be discovered as well. And all will be lost.
I already wrestle with the weariness. The loss of my friend to this evil creature who has replaced him fills me with bitterness. But I must remember the words of my Master: Be mindful of the future, but not at the expense of the moment. The boy is what matters. He IS the future.
Fool. I’m a damned idealistic fool. And blind, too. Anakin’s darkness was obvious. I should have foreseen this and prevented it. I failed him. My failure ended the Jedi Order.
The boy is our last hope. I failed Anakin. But I’ll not fail Luke. The son of Skywalker must become a Jedi.

The Star Wars Mythos line is definitely looking to be very promising and it should come to no surprise being created by the best in the business with Sideshow Collectibles. I am definitely looking forward to this new series!

What are your thoughts? 

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