Tuesday, May 1, 2012

El Paso Comic Con 2012

The Hunger Games and Twight battle it out at El Paso Comic Con 2012( EPCON):

El Paso Comic Con is back! The 2012 El Paso Comic Con (EPCON), is the Sun City’s  pop culture and mainstream media event. EPCON  brings to the El Paso and Cuidad Juarez a high level of entertainment. An event that includes notable artists, authors, and movie and television stars. With numerous exhibits, events, contests, and sponsors.

This year’s EPCON will be held on September 15th and 16th at the El Paso Convention Center. We will have a  “Preview Night on September the 14th” which will include some of EPCON’s celebrity guests.  In order to attend “Preview Night”  you must purchase the three day pass. Tickets are now on sale through Ticketmaster or  may be purchased at the door on the day of the event.  Ticket info: $35.00 three day pass  which includes “Preview Night”, $40.00 for Saturday, $25.00 for Sunday. Visit www.ep-con.com

EPCON 2012’s Special Guests:

“The Hunger Games”
Sam Tan- tribute from District 9
Nelson Ascencio- Flavius

Edi Gathegi-“Laurent” in both “Twilight” and “Twilight Saga: New Moon”
Andrea Gabriel- new vampire in “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2”
Valorie Curry- new vampire in “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2”

"Star Wars"
Dave Prowse - Darth Vader
Nalini Kirshan - Barriss Offee

Edi Gathegi - Darwin (X-Men: First Class)
Tyler Mane - Sabretooth (X-Men)
Kelly Hu - Lady Death Strike (X-Men 2)

"Vampire Diaries" 
Kelly Hu - Peral

"Halloween" (2007) "Halloween 2" (2009)
Tyler Mane - Michael Myers

"Final Destination 1-5" and "Candyman"
Tony Todd

"Terminator" (1984) "Aliens" (1986)
Michael Biehn

"The Re-Animator 1 and 2" "Frighteners"
Jeffrey Combs

"Star Trek: The Next Generation"
Marina Sirtis - Counselor Deanna

"Buck Roger and 20th Century" 
Erin Gray

"El Mariachi" and "Planet Terror"
Carlos Gallardo

And more to be announced!!



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