Saturday, May 26, 2012

Phoenix Comicon 2012 Costumes: Thursday and Friday

Any Con goer knows to expect cosplayers and their elaborate costumes. Attendees of this year's Phoenix Comicon can expect many cosplayers. We love the costumes and we are so grateful for all of the hours people spend on their costumes. It makes conventions even more special. Check out some of the pics from Thursday and Friday from the 2012 Phoenix Comicon.


  1. Great round-up! Cosplayers are so dedicated and fun!

    That's the Wonderland group by Courtney Leigh Creations, 6th photo from the bottom. Thanks for photographing us!

    1. The Courtney Leigh Creations were amazing! Cosplayers are one of our favorite things to always look forward to when attending a comic con.

  2. All are very well dressed up.Thanks for the pics.I like the silver surfers one.