Friday, May 4, 2012

Mind the Gap #1 from Image Comics Goes to Second Print

Image Comics has announced that its  May 2nd debut issue, MIND THE GAP #1 has sold out at the distributor level. The issue will return immediately to press and second printings will be in stores on May 23.

MIND THE GAP, a new series by Jim McCann (Return of the Dapper Men), Rodin Esquejo (MORNING GLORIES), and Sonia Oback, tells the story of Elle Petersen, a young woman attacked and left for dead on a subway platform. In a coma, Elle finds that her consciousness can travel both within the "real" world and another realm called "The Garden." Without a body or memories of her life, Elle must piece together the mystery — who tried to kill her, and why?

"The entire Mind the Gap team is so thankful for the support and love the fans and retailers have given us!" said McCann. "Word is spreading, and we're thrilled that more people will be able to dive into the mystery of Mind the Gap!"

The first issue, which is a double-sized 48 pages for $2.99, was hotly anticipated and received wide acclaim upon its release:

"With terrific art and a story that grabs you by both ears and pulls your face in, MIND THE GAP is a smart mystery thriller that turns tospy on a dime without losing the reader or talking down to him/her either."
    - Ain't It Cool News

"MIND THE GAP is rich with potential for strange, sophisticated mystery."
    - iFanboy

"MIND THE GAP is a breath of fresh air in terms of new comics. It's this kind of variety that continues to make reading stacks of comics each week fun and exciting."
    -Comic Vine

The second printings of MIND THE GAP #1 (MAR128267) is available for order from Diamond Comics now.

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