Friday, May 4, 2012

Epic Kill #1 from Image Comics Goes to Second Print

Image Comics has announced that its two May 2 debut issues, MIND THE GAP #1 and EPIC KILL #1 have sold out at the distributor level. Both issues will return immediately to press and second printings will be in stores on May 23.

EPIC KILL by Raffaele Ienco also features a young woman with amnesia as the protagonist, but in a very different kind of story from MIND THE GAP. Song was trained since childhood to be a ruthless assassin, but she doesn't know why. She only knows that she has to use her skills to evade the men sent to kill her by an unknown enemy. The truth about Song's identity will unfold over the course of the series' five-issue run, in which, Ienco promises, "Every kill we be epic!"

"Epic Kill #1 was released today and blam! it’s already time to do a second print!?  What!?" said an almost-disbelieving Ienco. "Retailers have tweeted the book is a hot item and reviews have been awesome; fans dig it - all of which I am very grateful! I would love to give the world more Epic Kill!"

EPIC KILL #1 has already delivered as promised, with reviewers ready for  more:

"Aside from the brilliant storytelling, the art that Ienco provides for the book is a real beauty to behold."
    -Nfamous Gamers

"On all fronts this book looks to be another success for Ienco.... The epic kills are worthy of the big screen."
    -Word of the Nerd

The second printings of MIND THE GAP #1 (MAR128267) and EPIC KILL #1 (MAR128258) are available for order from Diamond Comics now.

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