Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Return of The Lord Of The Rings Helm Collection

We are very excited about this year being a huge year for The Lord of the Rings fans with the release of The Hobbit in theatres this December! We are huge fans and have collected the action figures from ToyBiz, statues and helms from Sideshow Collectibles, and much more. One of our favorite lines was actually The Lord of the Rings helm collection from Sideshow Collectibles and Weta. Well, we have some amazing news from Weta that they have brought the helm collection back!!

The Weta Workshop has just launched the first in The Lord of the Rings helm collection. We can either get the opportunity to restart our helm collection or start it. The Uruk-hai General's 1/4 scale helm is the first of hopefully many to come from Weta. It has an extremely limited run of only 500 and is now available for Pre-order.
The exquisite Uruk-hai General's 1/4 scale helm was created by the same artists and craftspeople who worked on The Lord of the Rings. The prop was designed by Warren Mahy and has been miniaturized by David Tremont and Jonny Brough.

It comes with the same pedestal stand as previous releases in Weta's The Lord of the Rings collection and will fit right in next to your other helms.

Hoping to strike his decisive blow in the War of the Ring, Saruman the White, fallen Wizard and pawn of the Dark Lord, threw his army of Uruk-hai at the people of Rohan.

At the great stone fortress of Helm's Deep the newly forged and blooded forces of the Wizard fell upon the defenders of King Theoden's redoubt like waves against a shore, inexorably tearing at rock and shield alike with claws, teeth and rough hewn blades of cold iron. What Saruman's Orc-bred minions lacked in experience they made up in overwhelming numbers and irrepressible hunger for carnage and ruin.

Channelling the raw energy of his soldiers, Saruman appointed officers from their ranks to direct their savagery to greatest effect, and these he crowned with skull-faced wide-crested battle helms so they might be seen and obeyed by their men amid the surging throng. According to rank and function, each commander's crest was wrought in a distinctive shape and emblazoned in crude white and crimson heraldry of Uruk design, a fearsome visage heralding near certain doom for the keep's beleaguered defenders.

 If you are new to The Lord of the Rings Helm collection, you will definitely love the amazing details in the helmets that Weta has created. We have many of the first pieces and we truly love this line!

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