Monday, March 19, 2012

20th Century Fox - Prometheus Panel at WonderCon 2012

WonderCon 2012 has made its way to Anaheim, CA this past weekend for the first time and brought Southern California another incredible Con! What would a con be without panels, special guests, exclusives, and without excitement?

20th Century Fox definitely had the most popular panel of the weekend for us because of the two summer blockbuster films to be released. First up, was the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter panel, which featured director, Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) and actor, Benjamin Walker who plays Abraham Lincoln. After watching the exclusive clip from the film and watching the trailer in 3D for the first time, the crowd was definitely pumped up with what would be coming up next!

We anticipated this moment for sometime that there would be a huge crowd that needed to be part of this panel. The long lines waited patiently as they entered the ballroom that reminded me a lot of that ever familiar "Hall H" at San Diego Comic Con. We were in and we were excited! We were even handed some amazing WonderCon exclusives for the panel. There were two exclusive lenticular posters given out to attendees for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and Prometheus. We were also given an exclusive business card from Weyland Industries. The Prometheus panel follows Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and we were ready. Prometheus opens in theatres this summer, June 8th.

The moderator of the panel was Damon Lindelof who happens to be the screenwriter for Prometheus. He would introduce the first guest that would bring a huge cheer, Sir Ridley Scott himself!

Ridley Scott and James Lindelof would begin discussing the premise of Prometheus and what we would expect in the film. Did we get the answers to what everyone has been asking? Ridley Scott does not completely say it is a full prequel to Alien, but we can think it definitely is tied into the franchise and we hope to get answers. We will have to wait with anticipation this summer! The two are excited to show us some footage, but would want to bring out a couple of guests, Charlize Theron who plays Meredith Vickers and Michael Fassbender, who plays David.

The four guests would begin discussing a little more into their roles in Prometheus, but kept a lot from the audience. The moment was finally here! There was a teaser of the trailer that was leaked Friday night, but what Ridley Scott mentioned was that we would be the first to see the full trailer in its full beauty and in 3D for the first time. Here is the trailer:

After the trailer was shown, a large cheer roared with excitement. Truly amazing! This actually was the first time that Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender would see the trailer in 3D as well. There would be more discussion about the film, but we did not get our answers on this being a full prequel to Ridley Scott's epic film, Alien. What we were told though for good news is that there may be a sequel. 

It was a great panel and the trailer left us with excitement. The trailer left me speechless and 20th Century Fox and Ridley Scott wanted us to be able to see it again. The panel ended with us being able to see the trailer once again! 

June 8th will be a big day and you know where I will be most likely for the midnight release!!


  1. I've been caring less and less about this the more details that come forward about all the prequel related things being cut, or left out to begin with. But the trailer has renewed interest. I still wouldn't expect a true prequel, just another (mostly unrelated) story in the same universe at an earlier point in the timeline. But we'll see.

  2. Thanks Angry Koala Gear for sharing! I really like the trailer and can imagine the start of a prequel! Have a great and happy weekend! Best, Lucas