Sunday, March 18, 2012

20th Century Fox - Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Panel at WonderCon 2012

WonderCon 2012 has now come to a close and what an incredible weekend it has been! We spent a great deal of time in the Ballroom yesterday wanting to catch all of the new trailers and exclusive footage that would be offered. 20th Century Fox brought the best for the fans in sharing footage in their Summer blockbuster, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, which is coming to theatres, June 22nd. We were introduced to the director, Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) and Abraham Lincoln himself, Benjamin Walker

The panel opened with a terrific intro video with Tim Burton introducing Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Well, it was not quite Tim Burton, but a skeletal zombie like prop that appeared very ill and in bed, which would not allow him to come to the WonderCon. It was a very hilarious video where he talked about the film and that his doctor would not allow him to leave the home. He was being well taken care of by two scantily clad nurses. The end of the video resulted in a hacking cough and unfortunate death. 

Timur Bekmambetov and Benjamin Walker would soon enter the stage with a huge cheer from the audience. Timur told us that we were going to see some exclusive footage and the World Premiere of the trailer in 3D. 

Unfortunately, we were not able to film the exclusive footage, but we will give our best to describe the scene. The scene takes place on a train traveling very fast at night with a glimpse of a bridge up ahead on fire. The scene leads us to the train where we are introduced to William Johnson (Anthony Mackie) who is fighting a few vampires. Truly amazing scene where we see a few vampires being killed and maybe losing a head here and there with an axe! William Johnson appears to get caught in a little trouble with Abraham Lincoln coming in to the rescue and the two fight together to clear the train. As this scene continues, the bridge ahead has the fire that continues to increase its fury. The last vampire left should be as easy as the rest, but this one manages to catch a knife thrown at him by William Johnson and then easily stops the axe being swung at him by Abraham. This vampire is very strong and throws the two over the edge of the train, which is beginning to fall on the burning bridge being torn apart. The scene ends with the two luckily surviving and jumping to the train safely crossing the bridge. The exclusive footage was truly epic, with the crowd giving it a major applause with cheer. 

We would soon be giving an added bonus of seeing the full trailer for the first time in 3D! Incredible!

The panel would be open to some great Q&A! It was an amazing panel and the exclusive footage was exciting. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is definitely on our list for must sees this summer! 

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