Monday, February 27, 2012

Meeting Mega Ran (AKA Random) in Tucson, AZ

This Saturday happened to be an amazing day here in Tucson, AZ!! We had the opportunity to meet Mega Ran (a.k.a. Random) at Heroes and Villains for his in store concert and signing. He had set up the show before he would have his concert at the Vaudeville later that night. He is on tour doing his VS. Tour, which featured Roqy Tyraid, Willie Evans Jr., his DJ DN3, and himself, Random.

The adventure began at Heroes and Villains, one of our local comic shops. The geeks and nerds would unite for a special treat with the in store concert. Well, we had an awesome opportunity to interview Random right before the show! 

Shortly after the interview, the show would begin. The in store concert started with Willie Evans Jr. who is truly amazing. I have not seen him before, but I can say I became an instant fan. His style reminds me of one of my favorites, MF Doom. He creates his own beats and what makes him unique is that he is the first to mix and chop a music video into his own. Incredible!!

Willie Evans Jr. would end his performance with Nerd English. This song made the crowd get hype because he showed us his room, which is filled with many action figures and comics. Made me feel at home!

After the Willie Evans Jr. performance, Mega Ran (a.k.a. Random) would come on stage. He continued the crowd pleasing with an amazing performance as we had witnessed at last year's Phoenix Comicon. He performed a few songs and ended with something very unique that he does at every show. He has a gift as he mentioned in the interview about how he continues to come up with music and lyrics. He can freestyle about literally about anything and in the in stores show he would do that about comic books.

After the show, he had a signing and made sure to meet everyone in the store. Random is such a great guy that gets everyone to love him!

The adventure would finally end at the Vaudeville, here in downtown Tucson, AZ where Random had his VS. Tour scheduled. Roqy Tyraid would open up the show with a nice performance. Willie Evans Jr. would then come on with a few songs that were familiar to us that he performed at Heroes and Villains, but I could never get tired of this incredible performance. He definitely knows how to get the crowd jumping and participating in his show.

This is one slide that I will have to always remember him for. Pretty funny!

After, Willie Evans Jr. would peform, DJ DN3 and Random would get on stage. His show at Heroes and Villains was great, but this performance at Vaudeville would be incredible! We loved his performance once again. He even had a special guest come through that had to check his show out, Murs!! Murs is one of my all time favorites and Random says Murs is his favorite. It was an awesome surprise indeed!
Just as he always ends his shows, Random did his freestyle performance. Unfortunately, he had microphone difficulities that did not allow him to come into the crowd as he loves doing, so he brought the crowd to him this time. Everyone reached into their pockets and he began to flow about those items. Angry Koala Gear would be in for a treat and some love and he mentions the Sticker! (He also mentioned loving my Adidas Stormtrooper Shirt) If you have not had the chance to see Random (a.k.a. Mega Ran), please do check him out. You will not be disappointed.

As I said earlier, Murs was in the house and we definitely had to take a picture with him. I was holding up his new Kickstarter for his cd/comic collaboration, Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl. There will be more info to come in a post real soon! Stay tuned!

Murs even gave us his Angry Koala face. Too awesome!!

We just want to thank Random for the interview opportunity and amazing shows at both Heroes and Villains and at the Vaudeville! We will be seeing you at the Phoenix Comicon with your shirt for sure.

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