Sunday, January 22, 2012

Star Wars Fighter Pods from Hasbro

One of our favorite Star Wars lines from Hasbro was cancelled last year and we miss the series, Galactic Heroes. Why did we like this series? The creativity and the unique look for the Star Wars characters was very cool and different. A series that was for all ages! 

Well, I think Hasbro will be doing it again with another amazing series that we will be buying in 2012, Star Wars Fighter Pods. The series will begin in February just in time for the release of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 3D. If you have an AMC Theatres near you, you may want to pay them a visit opening weekend for a Special Fighter Pod Giveaway

The Star Wars Fighter Pods look very promising with a unique style like the Galactic Heroes had. There will be over 100 figures to be released from all six films and from The Clone Wars animated series. The figures will be very similar to the popular Squinkies, which are soft and squishy figures. Hasbro has five ways planned to collect the figures. 

Fighter Pod Mystery Bags
(Each bag includes 2 figures, 1 exclusive and 1 pod)

Fighter Pods Figures 4-Pack
Each pack includes 4 figures and 2 pods

Fighter Pods Figure 8-Pack
Each pack includes 8 figures (2 exclusive figures, 1 hidden figure)

Fighter Pods Figure 12-Pack
Each pack includes 12 figures (2 exclusive figures, 2 hidden figures)

Fighter Pods 16-Pack
Each pack includes 16 figures (4 exclusive figures, 3 hidden figures)

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