Sunday, January 22, 2012

Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi Series

Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi is Dark Horse Comics new Star Wars series that will begin next month in February. Dawn of the Jedi is sure to be another major hit in 2012 from the team of John Ostrander and Jan Duursema who brought us Star Wars: Legacy

It began with the mysterious pyramid ships--the Tho Yor--scattered to the eight corners of the galaxy, and ended with the establishment of an Order that would change the universe forever.

Here's your first look at the Star Wars of 25,000 years ago--before there were lightsabers, when the ties to the Force were new, and before the Jedi spread out into the galaxy.

* The official guide for readers of Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi!

* The Ostrander/Duursema team returns to Star Wars!

Dawn of the Jedi #1
(Jan Duursema Cover)

Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi #0 will kick off this new series on Wednesday, February 1st. 

We are very excited to read this series and be on the look out for a review coming soon! 

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