Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let's Get Toy Hunters on the Air!!

Toy enthusiasts, collectors and kids at heart finally had the opportunity to have a show on television. Sunday, January 15th was the premiere of Toy Hunters a new show that focused on toy collecting and how popular the hobby is for collectors like us. The show was actually a pilot episode and has the opportunity to get a series.  Travel Channel needs to hear from the collecting community.
If you missed the show, here are a few clips on Travel Channel:

  There are a few ways we can help to get Toy Hunters as a show and to do this:

1) Visit Travel Channel's website:
Make a comment here on this link.

2) Visit Travel Channel's Facebook and write a comment about Toy Hunters: 

Jordan Hembrough is a collector himself and you can see his enthusiasm and love for toys himself. Check out our Interview we had with him as well to see how he feels about toys and the show. 

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