Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Cure for Missing The Walking Dead

Have you been able to cope without The Walking Dead on Sunday evenings on AMC? We have been struggling, but I guess it is a good thing to watch the first season and the episodes from the second season. Of course, if you also collect the comic series as we do, it is not as bad.

Well, we have "AMAZING" news if you are going to be in Arizona, specifically the Phoenix area this coming weekend, you may want to attend the Amazing Arizona Comic Con. Robert Kirkman, the creator of Image Comics and Skybound The Walking Dead will be back to the first of the year in cons and he will definitely be bringing the cure for all those who are missing the show.

Wherever Kirkman seems to go, the Zombies and fans follow. The Amazing Arizona Comic Con brought us everything The Walking Dead fans would have wanted from panels, autograph sessions, and actors from the hit show including Jon Bernthal (Shane) and Steve Yeun (Glenn). We were fortunate enough to attend the Amazing Arizona Comic Con last year and we got some footage from the AMC Walking Dead panel on our YouTube channel, AngryKoalaGear.

The panels were awesome and we enjoyed being able to meet Robert Kirkman, Jon Bernthal, and Steve Yeun. We are definitely excited about this year because not only will Kirkman be in attendance again, but Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes) will be in attendance this weekend. We will be at the panels, autograph events, definitely will work on some interviews and lots of photos. With The Walking Dead still not returning to AMC for another few weeks, this weekend will definitely help our fix! 

Of course, where there is a comic con, there are always comic exclusives to be sold. Robert Kirkman is coming through in a big way this year as he did last with a few great exclusives. 

There is also going to be a Zombie Walk this Friday and you know what this means, lots of pictures! We are very excited for the Amazing Arizona Comic Con this weekend and we just are a couple of days away. This will be the cure for missing The Walking Dead.

Follow us on twitter, @angrykoalagear for coverage throughout the event and panels. We plan to do a few contests as well! Stay tuned!

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