Monday, January 2, 2012

Amazing Arizona Comic Exclusive Dead Man's Run #1 Variant Cover from Aspen Comics

This weekend will kick off the 2012 run of comic conventions in Mesa, AZ at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con! We all know what that means, exclusives, exclusives, exclusives!!

Aspen Comics will be in attendance at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con and just like last year, they are bringing in some great treats. There is a new series coming from Aspen Comics and they will introduce it with an exclusive cover that can only be found at the con, Dead Man's Run #1.

Amazing Arizona Comic Con Exclusive Cover
Dead Man's Run #1
From acclaimed 'Hulk' writer Greg Pak, legendary 'Walking Dead' producer Gale Anne Hurd, and Tony Parker, artist of the Eisner-nominated 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep', comes the biggest blockbuster series of the new year - DEAD MAN'S RUN!

Hell is a prison from which none escape. That's not a metaphor. It's a concrete reality surrounded by razor wire and gun towers in the middle of the California desert. But today, a young cartographer named Sam Tinker begins an epic battle against the mysterious Warden and all the horrors of her domain, in a desperate attempt to rescue his sister Juniper--the only innocent in Hell!

Get ready for an insane supernatural action-packed thriller, as Aspen Comics proudly presents its newest hit series, DEAD MAN'S RUN!

 We are fans of Aspen Comics great series from Charismagic, Executive Assistant, Fathom, and our favorite Lady Mechanika. Dead Man's Run is sure to be another hit from the Aspen Comics family! 

Stay tuned for the Angry Koala Gear crew updates at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con!!

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