Thursday, December 29, 2011

Denise Vasquez' Star Wars Custom Aayla Secura

This is a classic pose from the Jedi Master, Aayla Secura. In the huge Star Wars universe her homeworld is Ryloth. Now we are able to have her in our home thanks to Denise Vasquez. She created a custom vinyl of the blue Twi'lek. We were actually able to pick up Aayla at Denise's studio. When we walked into the studio, my eyes were immediately drawn to Aayla sitting on Denise's desk. It was a great experience being able to actually see where one of our favorite artists works. On top of that, it was very special to admire the artwork in person that you were only able to see online. 

The Aayla Secura custom vinyl pictures are below. Enjoy!  






Check out this bead work!

Oh yes she glows in the dark!

Aayla twins

I can easily say that these two pieces (including the Shaak Ti) are the most unique in our Star Wars collection. Personally, they are also my favorite. Thank you to Denise Vasquez!

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  1. Glad you love it! Enjoy & thanks for sharing!
    PeAcE LovE aRt & souL
    Denise Vasquez