Thursday, December 8, 2011

Denise Vasquez' Star Wars Custom Shaak Ti

This is Shaak Ti and she happens to be one of my favorite Jedi Masters. Actually, she is one of my favorite female characters in the entire Star Wars universe. So imagine my great joy when I opened up a package today and saw my very own Shaak Ti custom vinyl by Denise Vasquez.  Multi-talented Denise Vasquez is an artist, singer, writer and actress and she did an outstanding job of recreating 
the Togruta Jedi Master.

The custom vinyl was packed very well. It was packed in several layers of bubble wrap and kept it from moving around in the box. This also kept the the custom protected. I'm sure there was a squeal when I opened up the package to reveal Shaak Ti.

The base figure is one of Kid Robot's Munnys. The sculpting of Shaak Ti's montrals (horns) are amazing. In addition to the sculpting, the painting of the patterns of the montrals are perfect. Plus on the bottom Denise signed the figure.






Take a look at close ups of the beading. Oh my goodness! Check out the detail and how each bead is perfectly placed. The beads make up her headdress on the front and back.

Headdress front
Headdress back
 In addition to the headdress, beads are placed on her outfit and outline her face.

Outfit front

Left sleeve

Right sleeve


Look at the pictures below and you will see one of the most amazing features of this custom vinyl. Shaak Ti...

wait for it...

Yes her face and montrals actually glow in the dark.


I couldn't be happier with this piece. Thank you so much Denise Vasquez for this amazing piece of art. I also found out that Randy Martinez helped out with this piece too. Thank you so much.
I'm so glad we can add Shaak Ti to our collection. 

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