Friday, November 11, 2011

Visiting the Pumpkin Geek at the Comikaze Expo

The invasion on LA was a huge success last weekend. The geeks united at the First Annual Comikaze Expo and I can say we had a blast meeting many cosplayers and great exhibitors. One of the exhibitors we were pleased seeing at the show was somewhat a geek as well, they actually have the title in their name, the Pumpkin Geek

Have you ever heard of the Pumpkin Geek? We have seen his work online before, but we finally had the chance to really see it and it was phenomenal. Yes, Halloween actually was over, but his work is something that should be allowed to be displayed year round. Good news!!! You actually can display his artwork year round because these are pumpkin carvings, but they are hand carved "faux" pumpkins. We became instant fans when we saw the pumpkins on display because he seems to be just like us with many interests instead of just one genre. The Pumpkin Geek creates masterpieces in comics, movies, heroes and villains, sports athletes, musicians, celebrities and so much more. The pumpkins that he chose to bring were amazing, but they were only a few of his many masterpieces you can see on his site. 

 Probably my favorite, it's Star Wars!!

It is always exhibitors like this that I am truly a fan of because it brings out an art form that does not have a set of rules. I grew up carving pumpkins, but not quite as good as this. I guess I need to get to work on my pumpkin carving skills!

Great work Pumpkin Geek!!!

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