Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gentle Giant Studios' Amber

During the second quarter of this year, Gentle Giant Studios released Amber from Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch. You might remember her as the flight pilot specialist in Sucker Punch. You know, the one with the lollipop.
Gentle Giant Studios is known for their amazing detail and almost life-like pinpoint accuracy with all of their products. Amber is no exception. She stands about 18 inches tall and comes equipped with her gun and of course the her lollipop. We already added Babydoll to our collection and of course she will need the rest of her crew. Here's a look at Amber.

The box could be a movie poster all by itself. It features, of course, Amber on her stand with a close up and the Sucker Punch movie logo. Below you can see the front, side, back and top of the box.
 Gentle Giant Studios takes great care the way they package their product. You receive the Certificate of Authenticity inside the packaging. There were only 1300 of these amazing statues produced. Here are some pics of the packaging.

The accuracy of the statue is amazing. Here is a 360 degree look at the statue.

The pictures from above really don't show the detail of this statue. We need to take you for a super close up of the craftsmanship of the Amber statue. Check out the detail of the zipper teeth and the drawstrings of her jacket. This statue is made from polystone but looking at the detail below it really does look like her belt is made from leather. 


This may be silly but it even looks like the leather is worn.

I am glad this is polystone. Could you imagine lacing those boots? 

As you can see the detail of this piece is absolutely amazing. From the artwork of the packaging to the bright shiny lollipop this is an incredible statue to add to your collection. You can still order the Sucker Punch Amber Statue here. The next statue from the Sucker Punch line is Rocket.

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