Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gentle Giant Studios Sucker Punch Babydoll Statue is Amazing!!

Gentle Giant Studios has been known for their incredible mini busts, statues, and figures from such licenses of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Clash of the Titans, Marvel, and also Sucker Punch. We have been fans of their products for a few years now, especially the Star Wars and Harry Potter lines. Sucker Punch was released in theaters last year and it got mixed reviews from the critics. (What movie ever gets the same reaction from all critics?) I can say, I really enjoyed Zach Snyder's Sucker Punch because of the action, fantasy, and visual effects, especially the effects. When I first learned that Gentle Giant was going to acquire the Sucker Punch license at last year's SDCC, we were thrilled. We actually got to see a few things lined up and their display was amazing. 

Babydoll of course is the star of the movie and she had to be the first to be created in the line up. This year's SDCC had the exclusive Sucker Punch Babydoll mini bust and it is a nice piece, but our focus is on the incredible 18" Statue line. Babydoll began shipping last week and there are two versions to this statue, US version and Japanese version. We are actually going to talk about the US version, which is limited to only 500 pieces. 

Gentle Giant Studios is known for the incredible detailing of their mini-busts and statues and each piece they release shows the hard work and creativity they give every time. The Sucker Punch Babydoll 18" statue is the first large statue that we have from Gentle Giant and we are very pleased. Babydoll was made famous with that school girl outfit and of course, her samurai sword and pistol. The statue captures every aspect of what we remember of her character in Sucker Punch in this beautiful piece from the paint, sculpture, and amazing details of her weapons.

 We love almost everything about the Babydoll Statue from Gentle Giant Studios, except for one thing. The packaging is terrific, which captures the Babydoll statue well along with the movie, Sucker Punch. The statue is now one of my favorites because of the details of Babydoll and especially her weapons. The one thing I was disappointed in is the clear base plate. This will soon pick up scratches very easily and they will be noticeable. Otherwise, Gentle Giant has done it again with another incredible seller and we are looking forward to the rest of the girls from Sucker Punch. 

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