Monday, October 24, 2011

Tucson Zombie Walk 2011

Angry Koala Gear member TonieKills attended the Zombie Walk on Saturday, October 22 in downtown Tucson, Arizona. Here's her report.

Tucson's Zombie Walk 2011 was a success! 

There were many great costumes and a large crowd. After the walk (which I'm sad to report I missed) there was a gathering in front of the downtown public library. There were booths, a donation truck for food,
games, photo areas, a stage with zombie musicals and plays. There were prizes for best costume awards and much more!

I went as a hunter in my Alice Resident Evil Afterlife outfit. The walking dead of course outnumbered the hunted and the hunters. Many went in their best zombie attire! I saw some pretty awesome zombie makeup and outfits! If you missed out this year be sure to participate next year and donate! It's quite the site and everyone is friendly and just wants to have and play zombies for a night!


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