Saturday, October 22, 2011

DC Comics: Wonder Woman #2

This issue of Wonder Woman is titled Gods Draw Blood. Just as a warning, it isn't just a clever title.
This issue starts off in Mount Olympus with Hera upset about events from the first issue. She is joined by her daughter, Strife. Strife adds fuel to the fire by stating how 'little' Zeus thinks of Hera.

The next scene shows Wonder Woman carrying a badly injured Hermes accompanied by Zola while on Paradise Island. I have two favorite scenes from Wonder Woman #2. There is just something I absolutely love about the one below. Wonder Woman, aka Amazon Princess, aka Diana is bowing to her mother, Queen Hippolyta.

 A little later Zola learns more from Hermes about Diana's origins.

After catching up with her mother, Diana is challenged by fellow Amazonian Aleka. I loved the action between the two!

It is after this we see Strife and her capabilities to challenge Wonder Woman and the rest of the Amazon Warriors. There isn't a definite conclusion to the story (as goes with most comics) but of course you find yourself wanting more of the story.

Wonder Woman is written by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang is the artist. I think I can easily say that Wonder Woman is my favorite of The New 52. Wonder Woman isn't sexualized like other New 52 comics. It is the perfect balance of art, story telling featuring a female hero while not making her a sex object but not compromising her femininity, wit and downright butt kicking ability.

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