Sunday, October 30, 2011

COMIKAZE EXPO: It's Almost Here!

Next weekend November 5th and 6th, there will be an invasion on Los Angeles by the Comikaze Expo!  Here are just some of the things you can look forward to:

Cosplay - What would a convention be without the people that dress up as their favorite character from games, movies, etc. They spend countless hours prepping costumes to ensure everything is perfect. Comikaze cosplayers have a dance party Saturday night and there will also be a Masquerade Cosplay contest. There’s also help to get tips about costumes during the Creating Characters with Costuming and Jewelry panel.
Octopus –Did you know that if you get the Comikaze Octopus Logo tattoed, not only will they pay for it but also you get a pass to the Comikaze Expo for life? Well now you do and you have a great opportunity to get it done (check out ‘Inked’ below).

Match your skills and wit against others in various competitions for loot. There will be plenty of tournaments taking place at Comikaze. For you old school gamers there are the Super Mario Bros tournaments. There are also Magic The Gathering and YU-GI-OH tournaments. Maybe you need help building up your gaming skills. You can get your help here with gameplay tips.
Inked – Why not get a tattoo by some superstar tattoo artists while at Comikaze? You can get your ink on by Rob McClurg, Amy Nicoletto, Darrin White, Tattoo Tony or Cliff Kealoah.
Kid in You - We already mentioned old school gaming but how about being reunited with one of your favorite childhood Nickelodeon shows? The cast of Nickelodeon’s ALL THAT will be at Comikaze. There will be a cast reunion with Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg, Josh Server, Alissa Reyes, Lisa Foiles , Katrina Johnson,  Angelique Bates, Brian Hearne, Mard Saul, Jack Desena, Leon Frierson, Chealsea Brummet and  Giovonni Samuels. 
Artists, writers and creators, oh my! – There will be plenty of artists such as Cat Staggs, Mike Mayhew and Steam Crow Artists Daniel and Dawna Davis. Writers such as Carl Zimmer (Parasite Rex), Jody Houser (Womanthology) and The Winner Twins (The Strand Prophecy). Creators such as David B. Schwartz (Image Comics’ MELTDOWN) and  Ejen Chuang (Cosplay in America). There’s a large pool of talent covering comics, art and more.
Zebras? - Okay so there won’t be zebras but Team Unicorn will be there! In fact they will have the Team Unicorn’s Super Happy Fun Panel with Bonnie Burton and Sean Becker. Check out the panel on Saturday in Room 4 at 12:00pm.
Exhibitors – There are currently 246 exhibitors or vendors attending. From 1821 Comics to Zombie Survival Goods and everything in between will leave something for everyone. Check out the exhibitors list here.

Elvira! – Yes the Mistress of the Dark is the Official Comikaze Expo “Spooksperson”. Folks, this is it! You do not want to miss seeing this dark vixen’s last convention appearance. Elvira is the ‘hostess with the mostest’ and you can meet her in person.
Xtras lots of ‘em – From Daniel Radcliffe’s The Woman in Black screening to DC Comics New 52 Q&A panel. There’s a Doctor Who panel, Steampunk 101 panel and even  Zombie Movies: Fact or Fiction panel. I’m sure there are pop culture icons, actors, panels and exhibitors that will tickle your geek fancy.
Priced just right – Passes are $12 for this amazing event. The Comikaze Expo is hosting so many different events, exhibitors, artists, gaming, cosplay, panels and so much more that it would be an absolute sin not to go.
One and only Stan Lee. – How can you have a convention with out the pop culture icon that is Stan ‘the Man’ Lee? He will kick off the Comikaze Expo festivities with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. You can even get your picture taken with him!

We are very excited to go and can’t wait to share the happenings but why not go and experience them for yourself? With how hard the Comikaze crew worked on this, there really is no way you can be disappointed.  We hope to see you at the L.A. Convention Center for the first COMIKAZE EXPO!

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