Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Star Wars Saga Blu-ray Display Surprise!!

Well, we have done two posts so far on the Star Wars Saga Blu-ray displays and we had to share with the world because of how much we loved them.

In our post titled, Star Wars Blu-ray Displays, we did talk about the company, On Display Creative that creates the amazing Star Wars displays and other popular movie displays such as X-Men: First Class. The word went out in the Twitter world that we had done a post about their displays. Well, this past Monday, I received an email from the designer of the displays and he said he wanted to send us a Star Wars display they created for the release of the Blu-ray because of our enthusiasm we had towards their products. Well, I had a great surprise at my door when I got home from work. A huge box was waiting for me!!

Of course, some assembling is required, but that will be for another day. Here is a picture of the display at Best Buy though.

We just want to thank On Display Creative for the great surprise and the incredible work they have done for one of our favorite movies. We look forward to seeing their future projects.

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