Monday, September 19, 2011

Star Wars Blu-ray Displays

Last Friday, was Star Wars Friday with the release of the Star Wars Saga in high definition with the Blu-ray release. Every time a new Star Wars film has been released for home video, there have been great displays. Each release seems to have better displays and each time I want them, but they are very tough to come by. The associates at the stores claim them before they are even put out for display. 

Well, I started off at Walmart since it was first on my route to work. I had to pick up the Walmart exclusive Star Wars Lego: The Padawan Menace with an exclusive Lego Young Han Solo figure. My Walmart really did not have any displays for the Star Wars films. I then went to Target to see their exclusive Star Wars Lithograph set for the movies. Again, I really did not see a eye catching Star Wars display. My last stop was to be at Best Buy and the entrance caught my eye immediately in the first set of doors. Then there it was, a huge Tie Fighter display. I was speechless and I knew I had to take pictures. I did take pictures and I had to share with the world.
The Tie Fighter display is the greatest Star Wars display I have ever seen and I made it known in my post. My twitter feed was followed by @starwars and retweeted to @bestbuy and retweeted by many more. I was very pleased because many people agreed with me.

Well we had a great weekend to finally watch the Star Wars Saga how it was meant to be in high definition. ( I still want the original releases of the original trilogy before the Special Editions though) This morning I received an email titled, FWD Star Wars displays. I was not sure who it was from, but it turned out to be an email from the designer and producer of the Star Wars displays from On Display Creative. He was pleased to be forwarded our post and see how enthusiastic I was to see the incredible displays. I was honored to receive the email and I did ask if I could see what they are working on and I was sent some amazing pictures of Star Wars displays I did not get a chance to see. I thank the On Display Creative team for sharing these pictures with us.

The Tie Fighter is definitely my favorite display, but in a very close second this next piece is awesome.
I want to see this piece in person!

Who does not love the AT-AT??
Thank you On Display Creative for the amazing Star Wars pieces!

They also do other movie displays as well!

Every time I walk into a store and see a new release of a film, I will have to ask did On Display Creative make this one??

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