Sunday, September 4, 2011

The New 52 Have Begun with Justice League #1!!

On Wednesday, August 31st, history was made in the comic world. DC Comics re-launched the DC Universe with the first of 52, Justice League #1. 

Justice League #1 brings in some of our favorites from the DC Universe, which includes Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, and the beginning of Cyborg, Vic Stone. Geoff Johns and Jim Lee begin the re-launch of the new 52 right in Justice Leauge #1. I have been a fan of Jim Lee's for a very long time. I love his style and I look forward to seeing his vision in drawing these famous characters. What part of the DC Universe has Geoff Johns not been part of? He is a legend and I look forward to seeing where he takes us with this new beginning in DC Comics. 

The new 52 has brought in many questions and concerns since the very beginning of being known. Many DC fans were upset because they felt that the stories should just continue and why start over, especially now. I was fortunate enough to be a comic collector during the beginning of something new in Image Comics in the 90's. The stories and new series seemed to be coming out each week. I loved seeing new original stories and artists and writers. I am really looking forward to this re-launch because I amongst many readers that will get the chance to be part of this history in the making. 

In Justice League #1, we do see the beginning of the team coming together, of course not as easy as we would expect. We know that Batman would not make it that easy, right? Batman is someone that can usually take care of himself, but he may need some help every now and then. Green Lantern makes his appearance and they come together to find this Superman. This team will have to come together knowing that Darkseid will be coming soon! I do like giving away too much, but I am really looking forward to this series. Justice League #2 will be, Batman vs. Superman!! If you want to start a new series, I would highly recommend the Justice League. DC Comics just announced that it is already going into a third printing and it has only been out a week. What??? It is that good. 

I am concerned about the re-launch. I am concerned I will want to pick up all 52 if they are going to be as good as Justice League #1. The cover of Justice League #1 second printing has been revealed and it looks awesome. 

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