Sunday, September 4, 2011

Action Comics #1 is Coming this Week!!

The DC Comics new 52 began last Wednesday, and we saw a short glimpse of Superman. There was something different about him. He of course still has the "S" on his chest and his costume is blue and his cape is red, but there was something missing. We have known Superman for over 70 years now and we have remembered him for the "S" on his chest, blue suit, red cape, and red undies, but he is being changed. 

In the first issue of Action Comics that was released in 1938, we got to see the first appearance of Superman and it created one of the most famous superheroes to exist. In 2011, Action Comics #1 will be released this Wednesday, September 7th, and of course brings Superman back, but with a new look. The red underwear is gone, and in this version the cape is directly attached to the armor itself. Action Comics #1 will provide us the full story of his costume. 

In Superman, Man of Steel (2013), there have been many pictures floating around the internet of Henry Cavill as Superman. In the pictures, we have seen Superman without his red underwear and it has stirred up many conversations. I realize now that this change is working out perfect for the change in the DC Universe and we may find our answers this Wednesday in the release of Action Comics #1. 

Action Comics #1 is being created by the team of Grant Morrison and Rags Morales. The first printing has not even been released and we have learned that it is already going to have a second printing. Make sure you do not forget to get to your local comic shop this Wednesday to pick up the first printing.

 This will actually be my first Superman series and I am looking forward to it. I am excited about this DC Comics re-launch because of it allowing me to start it off in the beginning. 

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