Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Frank Miller's Holy Terror is Amazing!

Frank Miller's Holy Terror was released today and it has created a buzz and will be sure to create even more. Holy Terror has been a ten year project for Frank Miller to bring out. Originally, the Holy Terror was to feature the Dark Knight, Batman, but many were afraid to release this controversial book because of its very political content and concerns of whom may object. 

America has just honored the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 and Frank Miller wanted to write a story that was so similar to that tragic day of events that we will always remember.  Unfortunately, we wish we could always have a hero that could fight crime and protect us, but I guess this is what makes comics or graphic novels great. They allow writers and artists to express themselves and to share with the world. 

Frank Miller is simply amazing. His art may not be the greatest you will find, but he manages to still do it perfect!! The way he tells a story in his art and without words leaves me speechless. He is able to make the pictures move in each panel. Most of his work is in black and white, but what stands out is when he decides to add some color. The addition of his color choices brings his pictures to life. He can tell a story completely visual if he wanted to because of his creative style. 

Frank Miller not only masters his art, but he is also the master in his writing and stories. I love his writing and the way he tells a story is awesome. Holy Terror could not bring us the Dark Knight, but he introduced us to the new hero, the Fixer. The Fixer fights crime and wants to protect his city, the Empire City. In this night, The Fixer is after a cat burglar, Natalie Stack who has just stolen a diamond bracelet. This would not be her lucky night because the Fixer will manage to catch her, which triggers an amazing fight between the two. This fight will continue almost half of this book, but of course Frank Miller tells a story in between this fight. 

The fight does end between the two due to an intense explosion and both the Fixer and Natalie know that many lives were lost. Not only did Terror create a massive explosion, but they also managed to destroy the symbol of Empire City, the statue of Blind Justice, which she stood tall for all to see. The Fixer will not stand for this action and Natalie will stand by his side to find and fight who may be responsible.

I would love to go deeper into this story, but I would end up giving way too much. I really enjoyed this book. Frank Miller is one of the best and Holy Terror is another that he can add to his amazing list of great works. Holy Terror is the first publication from Legendary Comics, the new imprint of The Dark Knight and Man of Steel movie-production powerhouse Legendary Pictures

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