Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DC Comics: I, Vampire Review

I was a little apprehensive reading DC's I, Vampire from The New 52 launch because of all the Twilight and True Blood brouhaha (yes I just used a word your grandma probably uses). I generally steer clear of vampire stories since then but I was intrigued. Why did DC revive this comic from the 1980's? I wanted to know and I was pleasantly surprised by the writing of Joshua Hale Fialkov and drawings of Andrea Sorrentino.

In this issue there are two stories featuring the same characters: Andrew Bennett and his one time lover Mary.  Andrew is a vampire that has spent plenty of time trying to figure out how to exterminate other vampires.

Mary is quite the opposite. She is the creation of Andrew, a decision he regrets, and wants Andrew to join the war against humankind.  One thing is definitely clear, Andrew has no intentions of joining Mary. The issue also includes the backstory of their tumultuous relationship.

The artwork transitions from the back story to 'present' day beautifully. Present day seems almost post apocalyptic, however, there are no explanations as to what happened... yet. All I know is that after reading you will want to know more.

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