Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Can DC Comics Relaunch Success Continue?

 Can DC Comics Relaunch Success Continue? This is the question that many are asking and many stores are concerned about how the number 2's will turn out. They are asking if they should order the same amount of issues as they did for the number 1's. I would certainly hope this relaunch is for reals with the great numbers that DC Comics has put out on most of the new 52, especially for their big titles such as Justice League, Batman, Action Comics, Green Lantern, etc. 

We did mention that all the first issues are sold out and going to a second print, while some are off to a third printing, and Justice League is actually going to an amazing fourth printing. I would hope this is enough to justify that this relaunch should last awhile, especially for the BIG ONES. Batman and Superman have been here since the 1930's, so I am sure they will always produce large numbers. Some of the new 52's have actually had similarities to some 90's comics with their looks and even stories. The 90's produced the greatest numbers in comics, but it also had a downfall later in the 90's. I am sure DC wants to make sure they keep the early 90 success instead. 

You probably ask, why did I mention the 90's? This is when comic collecting was very big for the industry. New comic companies emerged such as Image Comics and a couple others. What I remember about this time was that I needed to pick up that new #1 of that new series because it was hot, but the #2's were usually even bigger for some reason. The difference for many of those books back then were that the stories had potential and the art work was always amazing, but they still were missing something.  There has been some great writing and art in this relaunch and I am wanting more, so at least we can say that I will be helping to continue this success for awhile to see what it brings us. 

What do you think of the success, so far? Will the future issues keep up with the same numbers? What are your favorites so far?

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