Monday, August 22, 2011

Christian Petersen Minimalist Art

Magneto from balancedpersonality's Etsy

Professor X from balancedpersonality's Etsy
The above art is by Christian Petersen. They are among his minimalist artwork which boasts not only the X-Men but other well known pop culture franchises such as Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars along with many others. We love how the basic symbols portray an entire movie or character while balancing a vintage style. He receives positive feedback not only about his art but his customer service. That is why we recommend ordering his art. With all the movies, characters, genres he creates there is something for the nerd in all of us.  

Look at some of his creations below but be sure to check out his artwork on Etsy.
You can keep up with him on his blog and also on Twitter.

Vintage Harry Potter Movie Poster
Star Trek Travel Poster Collection
Chewbacca from balancedpersonality's Etsy 
Leia Organa from balancedpersonality's Etsy
Storm Trooper from balancedpersonality's Etsy

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