Thursday, July 28, 2011

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Hasbro Star Wars Death Star Revenge of the Jedi Set Review

It is hard to believe that the San Diego Comic Con was just a week ago and that it came and went. The SDCC exclusives were everywhere and we wanted them all, but it is very difficult to acquire many of these exclusives because of their extremely limited runs. One of those desired pieces would be the Hasbro Star Wars Death Star Revenge of the Jedi Set, and we were lucky to get our hands on one! 

Each year at the Comic Con, we know Hasbro will bring the Star Wars fans what they want with an amazing exclusive. I feel they topped it among them all with this year's Star Wars exclusive set. It is definitely the largest set that came out of SDCC this year containing a total of 14 figures. What makes this set amazing is literally everything about it from the round packaging, which looks like the Death Star to the 14 individually packaged figures with Revenge of the Jedi cardbacks from the Vintage Collection. Hasbro has mentioned that 12 of the 14 figures will be available in stores in October with 2 of the figures being strictly exclusive to this set. It felt like it was my birthday when I unveiled the Death Star packaging and opened the packaging!  

The Death Star packaging is simply incredible and love the shiny look which makes it stand out even more. The box is very firm, which adds to extra protection to the figures.

The band that is wrapped around the Death Star is a great feature because it has Star Wars Revenge of the Jedi in large letters, the SDCC symbol, and the figures that will be contained in the set. Star Wars fans have been waiting a long time for this set because of the Vintage Collection Revenge of the Jedi cards. Original Revenge of the Jedi items are extremely rare and hard to find because there are not that many pieces out there. Revenge of the Jedi was to be the original title, but later changed to Return of the Jedi. 

Once we finally stopped salivating over the awesomeness of the Death Star and pictures of the figures inside, we carefully opened it up. 

And there they were, the figures! I love the inside because Hasbro wanted to do their best in assuring we would get as mint of figures as possible. The inside actually contains a cardboard with mock ups of the cards covering the actual cards, only exposing the figures and bubbles. 

After carefully removing the cardboard mock ups of the figures, we had to carefully take out each figure to take pictures. 

Han Solo (in Trench Coat) (VC62)

 Boba Fett (VC09)
New Paint Deco versus Original VC09

 Admiral Ackbar (VC22)

 Wicket (VC27)

 Princess Leia (Slave Outfit) (VC64)

 Tie Fighter Pilot (VC65)

 Salacious Crumb (VC66)
Strictly Exclusive to this Set!!

 R2-D2 (VC25)

 Luke Skywalker (Endor Capture) (VC23)

 Stormtrooper (VC41)

 Rebel Commando (VC26)

 B-Wing Pilot (Keyan Farlander) (VC63)

 Darth Vader (VC08)

Mouse Droid (VC67)
Strictly Exclusive to this Set!!

The Hasbro Star Wars Vintage Collection has been my favorite line and it is a difficult line to find at stores. Hasbro has stepped up their game and the sculpts are very detailed. This set has created the ultimate SDCC exclusive and makes me wonder what in the world they have planned for next year! All the figures but the Mouse Droid and Salacious Crumb are to appear in stores this October, but that is still a few months away. Will Hasbro do an immediate card change as they did with Wedge Antilles on any of these figures? Time will only tell. 

Overall, this set is great, with great packaging, and a great choice of figures to be placed in this exclusive set. 

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