Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Interview with Samurai's Blood Creator Owen Wiseman at San Diego Comic Con

Have you had the chance to read Image Comics and Benaroya Publishing's, Samurai's Blood? You need to pick up this series at your local comic shop while you still can. The series recently started and it is only into two issues, so you are not too late to get started! 

We have enjoyed the series so far and when we found out that the creators of Samurai's Blood would be at the San Diego Comic Con, we jumped on the chance for an interview opportunity. We were lucky to do an interview with Owen Wiseman, creator and writer of the series. 

Nam Kim (artist) and Owen Wiseman (writer and creator)

We only had a few questions for Mr. Wiseman, and I had a feeling they were questions he had probably been asked many times already. 

Question #1: Where did the idea come from to create Samurai's Blood? 

Owen Wiseman mentioned how he has been fond of Japanese Culture and history for many years. He began studying and learning the language, culture, and incredible history for about 15 years. The idea was created thanks to his school mate from Pomona College, Mike Benaroya, that he should write a story about Samurai and Japanese history. 

He also mentioned that the story became very easy to him because he also was a fan of the great classic Samurai movies created by the legend, Akira Kurosawa. 

Question #2: Because it is only a six issue mini-series, will we have the chance to see more?

Owen Wiseman says the first two issues have had a very good response so far, and yes he has at least enough material to cover up to 60 issues. 

Question #3: The story is not only amazing, but I love the artwork and covers. What can we expect in the future?

For the story to continue to build up and the artwork gets even better, especially the covers to #3 and #4. I mentioned that the cover to #3 is awesome! He says that he feels #4 is even better. I was just speechless because I love the cover to #3 and I can not wait to see it. 

  We just want to thank Mr. Wiseman for taking the time for answering a few questions about Samurai's Blood. We are fans! We were also very fortunate to get a copy of the San Diego Comic Con Samurai's Blood #2 Exclusive Cover and a few other Benaroya Publishing and Image Comics. 
Cover to SDCC Exclusive Samurai's Blood #2 (Incredible!!)

Thanks again Benaroya Publishing! 

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