Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gentle Giant at San Diego Comic Con

We had a great opportunity to interview Greg Crafts from Gentle Giant. During one of the Star Wars toys panels there was a picture of Snaggletooth. We did ask a question about Snaggletooth and if there was going to be a red and blue variation. Although Mr. Crafts didn't comment about it, we are certainly hoping there will be. We guessed right about the both cloth cape Jawa and vinyl cape Jawa. We shall see what Gentle Giant brings us. Check out the interview below and pictures from the Gentle Giant booth.

Gentle Giant always has amazing statues and busts. We love the detail on their products. In addition, they always have plenty of statues and dolls on display at their booth. This year was no exception. Check out statues from Star Wars, Marvel and Sucker Punch below:

The statues below are from Sucker Punch and the life size Mech Bunny vehicle that were at the Gentle Giant's booth.