Friday, July 22, 2011

Humberto Ramos Creates a Mural at the Palm Restaurant in San Diego

On Wednesday, July 20th history was made at the Palm Restaurant in San Diego. The Palm Restaurant is known for their steaks, but they are also known for their sketches where famous artists come into their restaurants to create magic and art in their establishments. Humberto Ramos  was able to join that incredible list of artists at the Palm Restaurant to do his own Marvel mural in honor of the San Diego Comic Con. 

We had planned this event from the first time we received the email from Marvel . We thought it would be a new experience to meet Humberto Ramos in a new environment and see his work on a wall instead of in comics. We literally arrived in San Diego minutes before the event started, so we were very excited. 

The staff at the Palm Restaurant were very professional and very kind to the guests who attended and allowed us to get comfortable anywhere we wanted. They had a big ladder waiting for Humberto Ramos and allowed him to choose the spot where he would design his masterpiece where it would be seen by the hundreds of people that would now eat at the Palm. 

The Marvel creators who have pieces up already are John Romita Sr., John Romita Jr, Simone Bianchi, Mike Choi, Mark Brooks, Leinil Yu, and more. When we walked into the Palm, we saw great pieces of Deadpool, Thor, Storm, Captain America, and the Hulk. We wondered where Mr. Ramos would be placing his work and what was he going to create? I will be honest my thoughts were Spider-Man!

And there you have it, Humberto Ramos created a masterpiece with Hawkeye. It is incredible! If you ever get a chance, you should stop by the Palm Restaurant in San Diego where you will find Humberto Ramos' piece along with the other Marvel artists mentioned earlier. 

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