Friday, July 22, 2011

Dark Horse Comics Celebrates 20 Years with Star Wars at SDCC

Each year at the San Diego Comic Con, Friday is known as Star Wars day. The event is filled with plenty of troopers and people dressed in their favorite Star Wars costumes. The news is also terrific in what we learn is to come for Star Wars fans. One right after the other today, there were great Star Wars panels filled with updates. 

Dark Horse Comics is not only celebrating the big 25th Anniversary this year in the business, but they are celebrating 20 years in creating Star Wars magic! They had a panel in honor of celebrating this big year and big deal for Star Wars fans. The guests were the best in the game with Dark Horse Comics and they shared some of their stories and a few little secrets of what is to come. Timothy Zahn, Shelly Shapiro, the Fillbach Brothers, Scott Allie, Leland Chee from Lucasfilm, John Jackson Miller, Dave Marshall, Tom Taylor, Mick Harrison, and a special guest were amongst the panelists of this awesome lineup. 

Each of the panelists talked a little bit about being part of the 20 year celebration of Star Wars in Dark Horse, but a couple of them were able to mention how they were even involved in the Marvel Comics years of Star Wars. There are huge plans for Star Wars and there are stories leading into at least 2014. Much could not be discussed for future projects, which were mentioned by Mick Harrison in that they would be saving for the New York Comic Con in October. (There were of course a few upset people in the audience when they hear this news. I think I was one of them.) Star Wars: Invasion - Revelations was a great topic and the talks of the Yuuzhan Vong of course were brought up.

Oh I forgot about the special guest! Well, Seth Green as we all know is a huge Star Wars fan, so we were lucky enough to have him come to the panel. He shared a couple of minutes about his love for Star Wars, and of course Robot Chicken. 
The panel was awesome and great to hear the stories and history about Dark Horse Comics being part of the Star Wars Universe for over 20 years and beyond.

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