Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Walking Dead Comic Book Series Figures from McFarlane Toys

Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic series is one of the most popular Zombie series to ever come out. (If not the greatest, according to many) The AMC series, The Walking Dead first aired last Halloween in October 31, 2010 and it was an instant hit to millions. I remember missing the first showing of the premiere, but I was in luck because it was repeated a couple of times that night. I watched the couple of remaining repeats of The Walking Dead first episode back to back that night because it was amazing. This is an awesome series both in comic form and in the television series. I really enjoy both being similar with a couple characters, while being different for the television audience. I think it makes it fun to almost have double trouble (excitement) on The Walking Dead.

Having almost two separate The Walking Dead series makes it exciting to fans, which leads me to some awesomeness. McFarlane Toys have been making some of the best sports figures, video game figures, movie figures, and much more. Who better to make The Walking Dead series? What is even better is that Todd McFarlane went even further with Robert Kirkman and created two separate lines to separate the characters from the comic series and television series. We first learned about the news of McFarlane Toys getting The Walking Dead license at the Toy Fair in New York this past February. The comic book series will be out this September and I will definitely be on the hunt. 

Officer Rick Grimes
Inspired by the cover of The Walking Dead comic book issue #1, this figure features Rick in his police officer uniform, complete with cowboy hat and jacket. Figure comes with pistol and a police duffel bag with several removable shotguns. Features approximately 20 points of articulation.

Michonne (sure to be an instant hit)
Inspired by the cover of The Walking Dead comic book issue #19, this figure features Michonne as she appeared on that first fateful day, with the accessories from her unforgettable act of vengeance to come. Figure comes with her signature katana sword and various implements of revenge including a power drill, hammer, pliers, and spoon. Features approximately 22 points of articulation.

Zombie Lurker

Pull its torso up, and it splits apart at the waist, exposing its intestines and other internal organs, transforming it into a legless "crawler." The figure also features removable arm segments and a head that splits at the jaw line, all exposing layers of decaying muscle, bones, and blood. 

Zombie Roamer

Press the button on the Zombie Roamer's back, and its head splits open vertically, unleashing an explosive, disgusting mess of blood and brain fragments. Push the knife-shaped lever back down, close the head, and reset the figure for another sickening head burst. Figure also features removable arm segments that expose the jagged bones and torn muscle that lie beneath. 

As more pictures begin to roll in, we will post the pictures with this incredible series in their packages and with their accessories. Also, be on the look out for the news of the AMC, The Walking Dead figure series as well. 

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