Monday, June 6, 2011

Space Warped #1 (Star Wars Parody) Review from Kaboom! Boom! Studios

We are truly obsessed with everything Star Wars from actions figures, Lego, Clone Wars, of course the movies, and parodies of the films, especially the original trilogy. There have been many attempts of great parodies of the Star Wars films from Family Guy, The Simpsons, Robot Chicken, Hardware Wars, and my favorite Spaceballs.

Kaboom!, Boom! Studios recently rebranded all-ages imprint will now be publishing Peanuts, Roger Langridge's Snarked, Scholastic's WORDGIRL, DuckTales, and the new Star Wars parody, Space Warped. Space Warped #1 will be out at your local comic shops this Wednesday, June 8th with a cover price of $3.99. There are going to be two covers available and Space Warped #1 will be part of a two-part mini-series. The story is written by Herve Bourhis, the art is by Rudy Spiessert, and colors by Mathilda.

Space Warped takes us in a world filled with castles, knights, bows, non-glowing swords, gnomes, and sandcastles. (Sandcastles??) The story begins as Star Wars: A New Hope begins with a great chase minus the space ships of course. In this story, we will have to settle for ox pulling carriages and bulls pulling carriages, which actually look very cozy inside with endless space. Where there are castles involved, there must be a princess, Lady Leica and of course a villain, Lord Salvador. We will find all of the great familiar characters in this parody such as the druids (droids, but not droids), Ravi and Hal,
Jean- Luc Groundwalker, Bernie (Bernard the Mad Monk), Sandcastlers (Sand People), Zelda?, Gnomes?, and of course the infamous duo, Al Alone and Boogie who fly the fast, Centenerian Egret.

The story is very funny and it is always great to see a new twist on a parody of the great Star Wars films.  This story follows A New Hope very well where Lady Leica is captured by Lord Salvador who tries to get information from Leica and tortures her with candy, but no luck. Young Jean-Luc must of course learn the ways of the force as his father before him, actually I mean the IT. There are very funny scenes when Old Man Bernie is trying to explain the IT to young Groundwalker and that he should become a Jadi Knight. Of course, you will see the great classic comedy from the druids, Ravi and Hal. Bernard the Mad Monk is wise, but actually might be losing his mind and memory. Old Man Bernie must save Leica and take Jean-Luc with him to train him, which will lead them to Moleskine, a place filled with scum and villains (might even see Gandalf and Frodo?). I found Space Warped to be very entertaining and fun for all ages. It has been awhile for a great parody of Star Wars, and this book may be the one you were looking for.

Space Warped Cover B and Preview Pages

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