Sunday, June 19, 2011

Falling Skies Webcomic on Dark Horse Comics and TNT

Falling Skies Premieres tonight on TNT. Falling Skies is a new science fiction show, which tells the story of the aftermath of an alien invasion. Falling Skies was created by Robert Rodat and Steven Spielberg. The story takes place after a massive invasion on Earth, and the survivors are far and few and must band together to keep the human civilization alive. 

Dark Horse Comics has been working with TNT a little over a year ago on a webcomic series to provide a prequel of the television series. The Falling Skies webcomic is found on Dark Horse Comics website with the first 12 chapters. TNT also has the webcomic on their Falling Skies website with 4 more additional chapters to the web series.

When we first saw the previews of Falling Skies on TNT, I knew this would be a show I would have to see. Besides, what more can you ask for when Steven Spielberg is behind the creation of the show? We have really enjoyed the collaborations of comic companies and television studios working together to create not only the television series, but also the webcomics that have been attached. Fans of the television shows get a double dose of watching their favorite shows on TV and reading extra stories on webcomics. Dark Horse Comics and TNT have created a great collaboration for Falling Skies and the webcomic series has provided us with a prequel of what is to come in the Premiere tonight. 

The first chapter immediately got me interested in the comic by providing a great intro of a father and his two boys putting up posters "To join the 2nd Mass" on the deserted streets where it seems they may be of a few remaining survivors. After a massive attack on the human race, the aliens (skitters) have made humans either hide or fight for survival. This is a great web series and it has helped to gear me up for the premiere tonight. One of my favorite comics series is Image Comics The Walking Dead and it is the story of survival, family, friends, and forming an alliance to keep the existence of humans. (I am not saying Zombies are not humans, but they do lack character if you know what I mean) Falling Skies reminds me a great deal of The Walking Dead because there a band of humans that are coming together to survive. I believe we will soon become attached to these characters and cheer in hopes that they will survive. I am sure there will be some that I do not mind get taken by the Skitters. 

If you have a chance before the show premieres tonight, you may want to read the webcomic series. It really is a great, fun, thrilling series!

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