Friday, May 27, 2011

Phoenix Comicon: McFarlane Toys - The Walking Dead Figures

 Well we were hoping to see more of the McFarlane Toys: The Walking Dead Figures, but there was only the Michonne prototype on display. She was about 10" - 12" tall and what I would expect from McFarlane Toys, "greatness". She is holding a drill, which had a metal like drill bit, and of course her signature Samurai Sword. This figure will be sought after because of how popular she is in the series and since she is supposed to be appearing in Season 2 of AMC's The Walking Dead. We do hope there will be an unveiling of other figures from the line up over the weekend.

McFarlane Toys was Todd McFarlane's booth overall, so he also had his Phoenix Comicon Haunt #16 Exclusive Cover available as well. The comic has a great cover with the Phoenix Comicon logo and it is limited to only 1000, at $4 each.

We will be heading back to the McFarlane Toys to get other pictures of the sports figures and his other lines of great figures. 

Stay tuned with Angry Koala Gear!

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