Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gentle Giant Studios Large Scale Retro Han Solo (Small Head) Figure

At last year's San Diego Comic Con, Gentle Giant Studios introduced us to an incredibly, fun new line. Gentle Giant Studios does wonders with their 3D technology to create mini busts, statues, and their fun line of Star Wars Vintage Large Scale Figures. This is one of my favorite lines because of how original it is to take the 3 3/4" figures and make them into a 12" scale and put them on their Original Cards as we collected in the late 70's and 80's. The first of the series was introduced to us at last year's SDCC and it was the Stormtrooper limited to only 1500. The second in the series was released at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando and happens to be a huge fan favorite, Boba Fett also limited to 1500.

Gentle Giant Studios brings the best to Star Wars fan by constantly creating the most innovative collectibles out there today. The third in the series of the Large Retro Figures is sure to be another very sought after piece, Han Solo. Not only did Gentle Giant Studios already release a huge fan favorite character of Han Solo, but they gave us two variants on the figure. If you were a PGM member, you were able to pre-order your guarantee of the Han Solo (Small Head) chase figure. Otherwise, the regular Han Solo (Big Head) variant was available to all. The Han Solo is limited to only 2500 and the Small Head Chase will be sure to be a rare collectible because it is only 1 out of every 6, which makes around only 400 to exist. Gentle Giant Studios staff know their Star Wars history because in the original Star Wars line in 1978, there were two variants to Han Solo, which happened to be the Small and Big Head Han Solos. The Small Head Solo was soon corrected to be a larger head for the body, which made it very rare and desirable.

Thank you Gentle Giant! We love it! 

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