Friday, May 6, 2011

Dark Horse Comics for Free Comic Book Day

Tomorrow is a big day for comics! It is that great time of year for collectors of old and new to come out to check out your local comic shop. If you are a Star Wars fan, Dark Horse Comics always has your dose of Star Wars, and Saturday, May 7th is no exception. Dark Horse Comics will have two great comics available, Star Wars: The Clone Wars with Avatar: The Last Airbender and Baltimore with Criminal Macabre. I will try not to give too much away to the great stories that are included on these books. 

The first book from Dark Horse Comics that is available for Free Comic Book Day is the Star Wars: The Clone Wars/ Avatar: The Last Airbender. The cover alone on this comic will make you want to pick this one up. The cover features Savage Opress on the cover and it is awesome! If you are not familiar with who Savage Opress is, he happens to be the brother of the infamous Darth Maul. It is a short story, but I can say we learn why they may call him Savage. There are a couple familiar characters in the story and we also get a glimpse of the Breakout Squad, from Grosset and Dunlap's Clone Wars: Secret Missions novels. This story is a great tie in for the new series, Clone Wars: Strange Allies. 

This first book has a great combo of two great stories. The other half includes a great story from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The story is actually a spin-off from the Nickelodeon television series, Avatar: The Legend of Korra. There are two short stories called Relics and Dirty is Only Skin Deep, which feature the adventures of the Last Airbender, Aang and friends, Katara and Sokka. This is a great book and make sure you pick this one up tomorrow. 

The second comic available from Dark Horse Comics for FCBD is the stories of Baltimore and Criminal Macabre. This will be a great book to pick up if you are looking for a little horror and suspense. The first story of Baltimore is another great adventure of the great Lord Baltimore who continues his search for the one creature, Haigus. Of course, it could not be that easy, so Baltimore must face a few creatures that get in his way of his quest. 

The second story in this great comic combo is Criminal Macabre. This is also another tale of a familiar character from the Dark Horse Comics world, Cal McDonald. I guess it is safe to say that Cal McDonald is not quite a chick magnet in this tale. A creature is being hunted by the descendants of the Frankensteins who believe he is to be their property. He is asking for Cal McDonald's help and I guess we will see what happens in this great, short story. 

If you are a Dark Horse Comics fan, you will not be disappointed in these two great comics that will be available at your local comic shop tomorrow for the great event Free Comic Book Day. Maybe we will see you there tomorrow!!

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