Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sketch it Up!

We received our copy of Sketch Card Mania by Randy Martinez and Denise Vasquez. Yes of course we have pictures to show you. We ordered directly through so we received exclusive "in-book" sketches from both Randy Martinez and Denise Vasquez. 

Here are the sketches we received in our copy of Sketch Card Mania.

In our earlier post we said it is a Sketch Card bible and that is exactly what it is. The guide covers how to sketch to materials needed from pencils, pens, paint and other media for sketch cards. It even covers resources to use and how to promote your work. It is a must for anyone thinking about creating their own cards.

So on your way to Sketch Card land, you need a map. 
The Sketch Card Mania guide will take you there! Remember if you order through you will get exclusive "in-book" sketches.

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