Sunday, April 24, 2011

Long Beach Comic Con Expo

We attended the Long Beach Comic Con Expo on Saturday, April 23rd and it was a lot of fun. Our day was filled with lots of fun with being extras in the Guild Season 5, Aspen Panel, Transformers vehicle, and of course comics and sketches! 

The day started bright and early with the Guild Season 5 filming. We can not give really too much information on the show other than it being filmed throughout the day at the Long Beach Comic Con Expo. We want to thank the Guild crew for the great opportunity of being part of the show. It was a lot of fun! 

While waiting for the filming of a scene, we did run into this very awesome surprise! A replica of Ratchet from the Transformers G1 Series. 

Throughout the morning and early afternoon, we continued scenes for the Guild. We were hoping we would not miss the Aspen Panel and got lucky and caught it half way through. We did learn that Lady Mechanika #2 would be coming out very soon. There are high hopes to be a movie for Aspen's Soulfire. The Executive's Assistant will be a weekly series coming out this July just in time for the San Diego Comic Con.  The panel was a great tribute to the late Michael Turner who was a great innovator to comics, his fans, and co-workers.  The Aspen staff shared memories of Michael Turner and Joe Benitez mentioned how Turner's work made people push themselves to make their art work even better. It was a great panel!!

After the shooting and Aspen panel, we were off to the convention floor. We got to meet Shane and Chris Houghton of Reed Gunther comics. We picked up the free mini comic they promised to people that visited their booth. We also were lucky to get a great sketch of Reed Gunther by Chris Houghton! Thank you very much!

We then headed to meet Richard Starkings the creator of Image Comics, Elephantmen. We also were very lucky to get an incredible sketch drawn by Starkings. We do want to thank Mr. Starkings as well for the awesome sketch. 

We had a lot of fun at the Long Beach Comic Con Expo and hope to attend the Long Beach Comic  and Horror Con in October.

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