Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tucson Comic Shop: Heroes and Villains "Future Foundation #1" Release Party

On Wednesday, March 23rd, our local Tucson Comic Shop, Heroes and Villains hosted a release party for Marvel Comics "Future Foundation #1".  They invited the best artists in the southwest to come down and provide FREE SKETCHES to everyone who picked up a copy! I was lucky to meet Ernest Romero, Jason Pedersen, and two of the Evil Robo Productions artists, Eric Schock, and Matt "Zip" Howard. The event was a lot of fun and great for local Tucson comic fans to get the chance to meet some of the team that helped to create the posters for the Tucson Comic Con

The first artist I met was Ernest Romero who is the self-publisher of his comic "Breed". 

The second artist was Jason Pedersen who helped design one of my favorite posters for the Tucson Comic Con and a local tattoo artist.

The third artist was Eric Schock from Evil Robo Productions. He asked what I wanted and I told him I was getting it for my buddy, Daniel, who he knew. I told him Captain America, but Eric was suprised it was not Iron Fist, which is why he added him to the picture.  

The last artist was also from Evil Robo Productions, Matt "Zip" Howard. Unfortunately, I did not get a sketch done by him because he was working on an incredible sketched cover on the FF #1 of Spider-man in his new suit. I would have asked, but I ran out of time and had to be someplace. Hopefully, next time!  

Thanks to Heroes and Villains for hosting the great event. It was a lot of fun and the lucky Tucson comic fans who attended got some great sketches done. Thank you guys! See you at the Tucson Comic Con.  

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