Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Image Comics: Undying Love Review

Undying Love #1 from Image Comics is written by Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman. The art is done by Tomm Coker, the color by Daniel Freedman, and the letters by Michael Thomas. The Undying Love will be an eight-issue miniseries. 

Book one of Undying Love will be released on March 30th for $2.99. We are going to see a sneak preview of Undying Love in the Walking Dead Weekly #9 issue being released tomorrow, March 2nd. 

I just had the opportunity to read Undying Love #1 and I can say it was well written and the artwork was very good. The story begins in Guandong Province, mainland China and we meet a young woman Mei, who is not well and John Sargent. We learn immediately that they are very much in love and John is set to protect Mei and that they are running from someone or something. John Sargent is confronted by a mysterious woman and a group who mentions that Mei is hiding secrets from him and that they only want her to end the dispute and the mysterious woman mentions, "The girls must never return if the Balance is to be protected".  John and Mei flee the group and we see what secrets Mei is hiding and learn she is a vampire. John Sargent is set to help Mei find the vampire who has given her the curse and the vampire turns out to be the oldest, most powerful vampire in China.

I really enjoyed the first issue on March 30th and look forward to picking up the Walking Dead Weekly #9 tomorrow afternoon not only for Walking Dead, but for the sneak preview of Undying Love. I really enjoy the artwork of Tomm Coker  and the colors by Daniel Freedman, especially the action scenes with the mysterious woman and her army dressed in ancient armor and swords.  I know what you are probably thinking, another Vampire story? Well, I can say it is very original and the first issue has set us up pretty good to want more to find out what happens next. 

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