Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Image Comics: Chew #17 Review

Well I am very excited for the new releases in comics tomorrow, March 2nd. Walking Dead Weekly #9 with a sneak preview of Undying Love #1, Carbon Grey #1, and of course Chew #17. Chew #17 is part two of five for the Flambe series. Chew #17 will retail for $2.99. The incredible story is written by John Layman and the artwork is done by Rob Guillory.

I have been looking forward to Chew #17 because this will be my first Chew review. I have greatly enjoyed the Chew series so far because of the originality in the story, humor, and the great artwork. We had the opportunity to meet the Layman in person at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con and he filled us in on what we have to look forward to the Chew series.

Chew #17 starts off with the Earth being surrounded by the strange alien writing and the NASA Fisher-Okrashka International Space Station, which may hold some secrets. Layman takes us on a field trip to Olive Chu's high school and a simple food fight in the cafeteria results in a terrible crime scene.  Tony and his partner John must visit the school to learn that one of the students has acquired secret recipes that can harm many people and he has very evil intentions. John has an ability with his cybernetic eye that we learn in the series. Reminded me a little of the Terminator. In the epilogue, we are taken to Siberia and we see a ship land with a NASA crew member holding a Gallsaberry grown in space. As you know, we learned that the Gallsaberry crop was destroyed in a fire in an earlier issue.

John Layman and Rob Guillory once again come through on this issue and the story keeps us wanting more. Can we have it bi-weekly? Enjoyed Chew #17 and can not wait for next month's issue.

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