Thursday, March 24, 2011

Image Comic: Morning Glories is a Sure Hit!!

Morning Glories is a fairly new series which started last September 2010. There are only eight issues out so far and every issue is sold out with multiple reprints already. The series is written by Nick Spencer (Infinite Vacation, Iron Man 2.0), the art by Joe Eisma, and the covers bRodin Esquejo. 

The story is set at the Morning Glory Academy where it has some of the brightest students. It appears to be a premiere prep school, which holds many secrets that Nick Spencer has not really given us into issue 8. Morning Glories has introduced us to six students who have very different personalities and traits, but do have something in common, same birthdates. We learn about the six students, Zoe, Jun, Hunter, Jade, Ike, and Casey. In each of the issues, Nick Spencer is very creative in introducing each character with flashbacks of their pasts and see how they are very unique and wonder why they were even brought to the Morning Glory Academy. The art of Joe Eisma seems to get better in every issue and Nick Spencer is genius in keeping the suspense to the readers to want to see what is coming. 

If you are looking for a fairly new series to start reading, the Angry Koala Gear crew highly recommends Image Comics "Morning Glories". If you are looking for 1st prints of the early issues, it may be very difficult to find them. You are in luck though because Image Comics is actually taking re-orders at your local comic shop for the Morning Glories Volume One trade paperback, which contains the first six issues. Here is a press release that was released today by Image Comics, which talks about the popularity of Morning Glories. 

BERKELEY, CA -- 23 March, 2011 -- With the first eight issues of MORNING GLORIES sold out and Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma's enigmatic Shadowline series continuing to attract buzz, Image Comics has announced that the trade paperback collection, MORNING GLORIES, VOL. 1: FOR A BETTER FUTURE, has sold through its entire print run.

Written by Spencer with art by Eisma and covers by Rodin Esquejo, MORNING GLORIES has received widespread critical acclaim since launching in September 2010, and attracting some of the most glowing reviews of any Image title since THE WALKING DEAD's illustrious debut. Despite rising initial orders, multiple reprints and an ongoing commitment to overprinting, each issue sells out within days of reaching stores, and now the first trade paperback is continuing that trend.

"The continued success of MORNING GLORIES has been really thrilling for Joe and I," Spencer said. "The amount of support we've received for this book is just amazing, but we're just getting started – we still want more people to read MORNING GLORIES!"

With that in mind, Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson noted that a second printing of MORNING GLORIES, VOL. 1 trade paperback has already been rushed to press in an effort to make the book available to curious new readers as quickly as possible.

"Based on the response to the trade, we knew we wanted to get back to press right away and had already begun working with Shadowline on a new printing," he explained. "Sales velocity exceeded even our wildest imagination, though, and while selling so quickly is nice, we'd rather the book be available."

MORNING GLORIES, VOL. 1: FOR A BETTER FUTURE (DEC100470), a 200-page trade paperback collecting the first six issues of the sold out Shadowline series at the low introductory price of $9.99 is available for re-order now with an in-store date of April 20.

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