Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Funko Presence in San Diego Comic Con 2016

While San Diego Comic Con 2016 came to a close this past weekend, the Angry Koala Gear crew has returned back to reality and waiting for SDCC 2017. SDCC 2016 gave us another amazing year and it is always great to see the excitement it brings to everyone that is able to attend. One of the big reasons why San Diego Comic Con continues to be that place that everyone wants to attend is Funko. Funko has grown to a huge craze where everyone can find something they like whether it be Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Hannah Barbera, Looney Tunes, Pop!, Dorbz, Wacky Wobblers, and so much more! We have definitely been part of that craze for a number of years now with first collecting a couple of Wacky Wobblers and moved onto Pop!. In the beginning Funko had a small booth where they had their Wacky Wobbler, Spastik Plastik, and other lines. It began expanding very quickly over these years with more licenses and the Pop! line. Funko has expanded greatly in not only their booth, but to have other companies in getting their own exclusives from Funko including Mindstyle, BAIT, Fugitive Toys, Blizzard Entertainment, Funimation, Entertainment Earth, Toys R Us, and more. 

This year was quite different for Funko where they used a system to have people line up in the Sail Pavilion area to draw a ticket to see if they can win to enter the Funko booth. I loved this idea because it makes it more fair to give everyone the chance to enter the booth and keeps the line moving smoothly with less chaos. The only tough thing is that you never know what time to line up because people may camp out for the line and people were cutting in when the line did start.

We kicked off SDCC with Preview Night and hoped for the lucky wristbands. We had to figure out our night and we went straight for the BAIT booth. Being a Street Fighter fan, I had to get these and figured we might as well get them first day.

 We did score a full set of the Street Fighter set along with the Hot Ryu. Definitely a great set we recommend and the sculpts are awesome. Along with the Street Fighter set, we had to pick up the Hiddy Joker exclusive as well. 

We unfortunately were unable to draw a ticket this past weekend because of our time constraints for our schedule of events. We did make a great choice on Thursday morning of lining up for the Funko Pop Up Shop that they held at their Funko South location. We arrived early enough to be lucky enough to get what we were after and enjoyed some great time in chatting with fellow Funko Funatics. When Funko announced a couple of weeks ago about the Pop Up Shop exclusives, I knew we would need to go early for their first Bob's Big Boy Pop! and the new Spastik Plastik Pop! series, especially for Bob! Once the store was opened for business, the line ran very smoothly. Funko was celebrating Captain America's 75th Anniversary in a big way by offering a 18" Captain America Dorbz and it was extremely limited. Funko also sent out 200 18" blank Captain America Dorbz to various artists to create custom pieces that they are not auctioning off on Ebay, that they had on display at the Pop Up Shop.

This piece is probably my favorite of the amazing customs that were on display. 

There were quite a few more on display, but unfortunately to keep the line moving, they had many blocked off that we could not get pictures of.

Once we past the Operation: ReDorbz, we made it to the register area to pick up our exclusives.

There they were, Captain America Dorbz, the Spastik Plastik Pop!, and extremely limited edition run of T-shirts that we hoped to score but just sold out.

We also had the opportunity to get a visit from Freddy himself. 

 This was our haul from the Funko Pop Up Shop and very pleased! Bob's Big Boy is amazing as we hoped and love the Spastik Plastik Pop! and ready for more.

We did swing by the Funko booth that was in constant full swing.

Throughout the weekend, we finished our adventures with picking up the Toys R Us Teen Titans set at the Entertainment Earth booth. Love this set!

While we were disappointed to get into Funko booth and did not score our Fundays tickets this year after attending 4 years, we were still very happy in another great year at San Diego Comic Con. Thanks to fellow Funatics, we are working out getting a few pieces we missed from both the booth and Fundays.

Here is to next year for SDCC 2017 and Funko Fundays!

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